Emma was classically trained in the UK and Florence and specialises in portrait sculpture.

The interaction and experience working from life is a central part of her practice. The challenge of capturing line, composition, and character is both inspiring and motivating. Emma experiments with a variety of materials to express the personality of the subject being portrayed, or the idea behind the work.



Laurence Sessou

plaster; 65x30x25cm; 2016

Laurence Sessou is an actress and model, born in France with roots from the West African Republic of Benin. She is a Neuromuscular Therapist and artist/model based in London UK.

Eliezer Goldwyn

leaves, mud and moss; 45x20x20cm; 2017

This sculpture was made in memory of Emma's freind Eliezer Goldwyn, a Holocaust survivor of three Nazi concentration camps who passed away in January 2017. 



Alain Eduardo Bressan

oil on canvas; 30 x 40 cm; 2013

Alain Bressan is a Brazilian artist who sat for Emma in 2013.

Self Portrait

oil on canvas; 30 x 45 cm; 2012

This is an example of a two-hour life sketch painted in oil in Emma’s London studio.