The works in the Prime State series question if humans are evolved or devolved emotionally from our primitive origins and how we will progress in the future. The works in this series explore the relationships between the refined and the primitive, the physical and the spiritual, and the influences of our collective past on present behaviour.



bronze, clear resin, glass vitrine; 30 x 30 x 40 cm; 2014

Echo questions whether humans have evolved or devolved from out primitive origins. Paying homage to Dawinism, the ape represents out primordial animal instincts to acquire, conquer, reproduce and self-destruct. It's also a nod to the Buddist teaching of moderation in order to supress our monkey mind and free ourselves from our destructive tendencies.


Dancers (ii)

oil on canvas, gold and aluminium leaf, 140 x 150 cm; 2014

Dancers (iii) is one of a series of ‘Dancers’. In these works the monkeys’ gold halos highlight the notion of ‘free spirits’ and the spiritual essence in primitive thought.  In the dancer series chimps both mock and imitate the regimented and rehearsed ballet dancers. These works compare our finesse to the wilder, more innate feelings that can also take over from rational thought. 


oil on canvas, mixed materials, 150 x 160 cm; 2014

The male lover reaches out to the female in a moment before they embrace. The chimps with halos represent our innate animal instincts.