Transient Global Amnesia

Transient Global Amnesia is a series of work created in response to the increasing number of endangered species facing extinction.  



The Scream 

Carrara Marble, 70 x 41 x 44 cm

The Scream is the open mouth of a Hippo carved into a geometrical shape reminiscent of an old TV set.  The work is a reflection of 'nature screaming' with human hands reflecting our part in the demise of many species and a nod to Edvard Munch's 1893 painting of the same title, that was itself inspired by Munch's distress over the ecological impact on his city during the industrial revolution.


High and Dry

Breccia Medicea, 60 x 50 x 80 cm


This work depicts the head of a blue whale perched on a precipice reflecting the species' precarious position in our ecosystem. The marble, Breccia Medicea, which has been used since Roman times and was favoured by the Medici family, lends itself perfectly to this work with its beautiful water-like markings. Amethyst and quartz are just some of the minerals found in this stone.


Carrara Marble, 64 x 80 x 29 cm

This work in stone is reminiscent of both an elephant trunk and an ammonite fossil and symbolises the threatened status of elephants in the wild today.


Carrara Marble, 31 x 66 x 10 cm

Wry?No! is a comment on the machismo brandishing of lethal weapons against defenceless animals in the hope of making men feel more viral and powerful. The work is also a direct comment on ground rhino horn being considered a cure for impotence in Chinese medicine, which has largely contributed to rhino horn being worth more than gold, and thus literally sentencing the rhino to death.

The making of Elephantom

Digital work availible on Sedition Art

Elephantom is a video work by Emma Elliott which is derived from her sculptural work of the same name. The work is a time-lapsed video of the creation process of the work, accompanied by an ambient soundtrack by Caspar Leopard. The work begins with a solid block of marble that is slowly shaped and carved over 28 days. Other artists work in the background as Elliott chisels and sands the work into its final form.