performance art, cathartic, London

Emma Elliott is a British artist whose central themes look at the impermanence and fragility of the natural world - and the transitory nature of human existence. Working primarily across sculpture, painting and video, Elliott explores relationships between the refined and the primitive and the physical and the spiritual; examining the human condition from up close and from afar, honing in on minute anatomical and psychological details and broadly surveying the influences of our collective past on present behaviour, often in the same piece.

The destruction of habitats and ecosystems, our incongruities and hypocrocies and the back-and-forth between enlightened advancements in human evolution and devolution into animalistic behaviour, are all that's played out in Elliott’s artworks. For her, art is a way of exploring that which is instinctive and that which is learnt.  

With a classical training in painting and figurative sculpture both in the UK and Italy, Elliott’s work hangs in the balance between the classic and the contemporary, the devastating and the ridiculous. She believes art has a duty to wrestle with society and its elements of rigidity.

Elliott prioritises materials with longevity such as bronze and marble in her practice; using marble scavenged from skips or off cuts from large industrial projects to help minimise the ecological impact of working with such materials. 


2023 Cry Me a River | The Muse Gallery | London
2023 Art Language Location | Quip and Curiosity | Cambridge
2023 Summer Exhibition | Royal Society of Sculptors | London
2023 Wander_Land | Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and Gallery | Cornwall
2023 On The Edge | RSS Members Exhibition - Espacio Gallery | London
2022 Unlit Path | Hardwick Gallery | Gloucestershire
2022 Sculpture at Doddington | Doddington Hall | Linconshire
2021/22 Political Art | U-jazdowski Museum of Contemporary Art | Warsaw
2021 Summer Exhibition | The Royal Society of Sculptors | London 
2021 Blue Minds Exhibition | Blue Marine Foundation | London
2021 on form 21 | Asthall Manor | The Cotswolds
2021 Chaiya Art Award | OXO Gallary | London
2020 Summer Exhibition | Royal Society of Sculptors | London
2020 Chaiya Art Award | IMPACT Exhibition | Online 
2019 Art For Youth | Mall Galleries | London
2019 The London Group Open | The Cello Factory | London 
2019 The Sunny Art Prize | The Sunny Art Centre | London
2019  Ace Club Exhibition | The Ned London | London
2018  Art & Reconciliation | Knapp Gallery - Regents University | London
2018  Blood Orange | Global Canopy Foundation | The Garden Museum | London
2018  Passion For Freedom Festival | ROA Gallery | London
2018  on form 18 | Asthall Manor | The Cotswolds
2017  Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition | Royal Opera Arcade Gallery | London
2016  Reconciliation | Launch | Noho Studios | London
2016  Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness Only Light Can Do That | Lights of Soho Gallery | London
2016  Not A Champagne Life | Hundred Years Gallery | London
2015  Passion For Freedom | Festival and Gala | Mall Galleries | London
2014  Winter Pride | Finalists Exhibition | Lacey Contemporary | London
2014  Winter Pride | Award Ceremony | The Tobacco Docks  | London
2014  Winter Exhibition | Knight Webb Gallery | London
2013  FACE2013 | Society of Portrait Sculptors  | London

2021 The Chaiya Art Award | Judges Award
2019  The Sunny Art Prize 2019 |  2nd Prize
2018  on form 18 | Bursary for artists under 35 working in stone
2015  Passion For Freedom Festival | 1st prize | 'Freedom Ambassador Award 2016'
2015  Passion For Freedom Festival | People's Choice Award
2014  Winter Pride UK | 1st Prize | Visual Art Award

2022 LA Wayaka Current - Tropics | Armila - The Darien Gap | Panama
2022 Off Grid - Brighton 

2021 Etched in Flesh and Soul The Auschwitz Number in Art | De Gruyter Publication | Batya Brutin

Public:  Yad Vashem | Visual Library - Jerusalem


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