Outer Limits is a growing series of work that reflects Emma’s interest in the Earth’s symbiotic relationship with the greater Universe and explores the concept of how in the microcosm you see the macrocosm. The shiny bronze and gold metals used in this series suggest an element of spirituality and questioning around different interpretations of the feminine and the divine.

L’Origine du Monde

gold plated bronze, vintage globe, 80 x 50 x 40 cm
Winter Pride UK 2014: 1st Prize, Visual Art Award

L’Origine du Monde looks at how Man have pushed the frontier of their explorations beyond Mother Earth and into the far reaches of the galaxy,  gaining some perspective of his place in the Universe. Contrasted with birth, of being thrust out of the womb’s inner floating-space into our Mother Earth’s harsh reality, where gravity’s insistent pull and life’s slings and arrows attempt to thwart our innate drive for autonomy.


The Sacred And The Profane

carrara marble, bronze, rubber, vintage glass vitrine, 60 x 70 x 30 cm
Passion For Freedom Festival: People’s Choice Award

The Sacred And The Profane triptych represents a ‘holy trinity’ of Madonna and child, Father and son and Holy Vagina.

According to philosopher Emile Durkheim religion encourages the separation of the Sacred from the Profane. The Sacred refers to recognised beliefs and rituals that are set apart from society, transcending the monotony of daily life.  The Profane, on the other hand, embodies everything else, the mundane.  This work asks us to rejects this separation and discover the Sacred in what is considered Profane.