Reciprocity is an ongoing collaboration with Susie Olczak documented through video and collaborative prints around concepts surrounding the decline of our ecology and the intrinsic human connection to plants. This project is centred around a residency in Panama that took place in June 2022.

Emma Elliott and Susie Olczak began collaborating in 2020 as part of an online residency called OFF/GRID which was initiated during the pandemic, they worked together on a canal boat residency on Regent’s canal in London, which was the first in person meeting of the group. In June 2022 they spent a month in the Guna Yala in Panama with La Wayaka Current on an artist residency. Their joint interest in ecology led them to this matriarchal society in Panama, as two female artists they wanted to consider their bodies as a material to use to respond to sense of place. 

The residency was supported by La Wayaka Current, The University of Gloucestershire and The Eaton Fund. La Wayaka Current is a nomadic arts residency and research project curated in connection to remote natural environments and indigenous knowledge. La Wayaka Current works together with communities and individuals living in remote parts of our planet to raise awareness, listen and learn from indigenous knowledge in order to recognise and value these things in light of the ecological crisis. The aim is to investigate the potential to form new perspectives through creative practice & critical thought in the context of the climate crisis. 






Still from 'Where the Jungle Meets the Sea'

Edited by Emma Elliott



Emma Elliott and Susie Olczak began collaborating in the Panamanian jungle.  They shot a collection of performances around concepts surrounding ecological decline and the intrinsic human connection to plants. These two videos in conversation with each other consider the relationship between people and the non human, unique cultural differences, commonalities and how globalisation affects even the most isolated of communities.

Still from "the World Splits in Two

Edited by Susie Olczak 





Lino print - collabration between Elliott and Olczak

Talk by Susie Olczak for Uncertain Knowledges Colloquium organised by Birmingham City University Material Encounters Research Cluster.

Going Nowhere by Emma Elliott is a homage to the plight of Rhinoceroses and Elephants who are being brutalised and marched into extinction for their tusks and horns. In this video Emma plays the Rhino and the human simultaneously, metaphorically linking the human to our fellow animal.

The video emphasises that symbiotically, as we share the same planet, what harms the Rhinoceros also harms the human. Human empathy towards the plight of our fellow animal is the theme.

The head piece in this video was cast from Emma’s marble sculpture "Wry?No!' that discusses the fallacy that Rhinoceros horn can cure common ailments in traditional medicines, and attacks the machismo attitude of the hunters.

Filmed in the hills around the highest town in Somerset, November 2020.