Tongue Tied

Emma’s concerns on the attainability of living in a peaceful open society are explored in this series of work that examines the subjects of social order, gender equality and freedom of speech. The works aim to highlight the precarious and fragile nature of our fundamental human rights and take a stand against totalitarian ideologies.


bronze on iron base, 157 x 27 x 27cm
Passion For Freedom Festival: Freedom Ambassador Award 2015

Spin-Head pays homage to Italian futurist Renato Bertilli’s famous sculpture of Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.

The work symbolises the precarious nature of free speech and expression, but also the first victims of fascist ideologies: women. The work questions if our fear of insulting others causes society to ‘zip up’ and shut down, thus distorting and restricting our ability to communicate.

Space Between

Bronze, gold vintage hat pin with ruby, 175 x 25 x 30cm,

This is a work about listening, observing and our obsessions with perfection.

Circa 1920's the original wooden Millinery hat stand (22 1/2 Inches) was considered the perfect size for a woman's head.

This bronzed version of the wooden hat stand captures and embellishes its original simplistic elegance and symbolises 'usefulness' and 'perfection'.  The mirror finish allows us to catch our own reflection observing it.  The combining of ears, cast from different people, with the ‘dove’ hat pin highlights the importance of listening to one another in order to achieve a functioning open and eclectic society. The stand; which is a circle going into a square base, emphasises the impossibility of squaring a circle.


bronze, audio, 7 x 7 x 11 cm

This bronze music speaker was inspired by Dolly Parton’s first ever microphone, made on her front porch out of an old tin can and tobacco stick.

The work elevates this throw away object, combined with screaming gargoyle mouth as a tool for broadcasting to it's captured audience.